This was my dream and I was really hoping it was yours too.

No. Of course not. Why should you choose me? You could have every beautiful, funny, sexy girl out there. So, there’s no way you will come back.

And when they left you, nothing remains in you. 

Fuck it. I’m going to be forever alone. Fuck.

I can’t keep my Eyes off of You.

I’m afraid I’ll never have what I have always dreamed of as a child. I will never have love.
Besides, who would love a body like mine? They are ugly, fat, covered with scars.

I hate myself. I am a nullity incapable, I’m just a nuisance. For everyone.
I’m not important to anyone. No one will ever love.

I wish I could fall asleep and not wake up again.

posted 2 years ago

I’m losing my mind.
All I wanna do, is die. 

posted 2 years ago

I just saw a picture of my ex with an other girl… 

I’m meaningless. I’m nothing. 

I want to tear off the flesh from my bones, cut myself so deeply for cutting the tendons, vomiting everything out.

I want to die. I want to die ..

posted 2 years ago

My ex

" Ehy.. It’s me. Don’t say anything. Just listen. I love you. I love you like I never loved in my life and I would have loved you every day with the same devotion and the same passion as when we kissed for the first time. I would do anything to make you happy every day. I would share with you pains and sorrows, I rejoiced with you, I would have supported, comforted, cuddled. I’m yours and a part of me will stay with you forever. Please do not forget me, I love you."


Tonight I’m really sad. Yesterday night you have written me, some cute messages. This morning as soon as you got on msn you wrote to me.
And when you left you told me “to this evening.” I sent you a text message with a simple “love u” and you ignored me. Why did I hoped it could be differently?

I am nothing. You need me just for don’t get bored. But I really love you.. With all my heart. It makes any different to you?

We have loved so long, even before we knew it. And before that, we were friends. You knew everything about me, you’ve always helped, supported and comforted me. You could always make me smile. And tomorrow would be officially six months we were together. Were you looking for a house for us and I was looking for a job near you. To begin our life together.

But now I am alone.

You can even to ignore me. Do you know how much hurts? 

I need you more than air, food, more than anything. I was ready to do anything for you. Why did you leave?

You’re perfect for me and I’m so sorry not to be enough for you.

I love you, no matter if we can no longer be together.

But I do not know how long hold out under these conditions. With you, I lost everything. Since you’re gone, I barely breath. And since then, I just hope to go to sleep to wake no more. But I continue to love you with every breath, with every beat of my broken heart, with each spasm of pain, every tear. I’ll be yours forever, no matter what happens to me. I’ll always be here for you. I love you.